Can we have alcohol on the buses?You can! As long as everyone is over 21 years of age. If there are those under, there cannot be any alcohol on board. It's against the law and the ride may be terminated.

Can we smoke on the vehicles?There is no smoking allowed. We like our buses to stay fresh and clean for all our customers to enjoy. You have unlimited stops to take a smoke break when needed.

Are there any hidden fees?We don't hide anything from you. Our prices include everything and we will tell you of all potential charges you may come across like a damage fee.

What if we go over our time?That's okay. You will just pay your normal hourly rate, divided into quarters for every 15 minutes you go over so you don't pay for time you don't use.

Can children come with us?Of course! But if there are those under 21 years of age, there cannot be any alcohol on board. We are great for proms, birthday parties, homecomings and more!

Can the reservation be canceled?Once you have paid the deposit there's no cancellations. It's our promise that we will provide you with service on your date unlike other companies who cancel.

Can we switch the days or the vehicles?You can't change the date of your reservation, but you maybe can move your time or upgrade or downgrade your bus.

Do we need to tip our driver?A minimum tip is already included in the hourly pricing. You are welcome to tip more, but you don't have to if you don't want to. Tip if you liked the service you got.

Can we bring food?You can bring all the food you want but try not to make a mess. If there is a huge mess, you might be charged a cleaning fee. There's coolers with ice to keep things cold.

Do you provide us with alcohol?We don't provide you with alcohol. You'll have to bring your own, as much as you want. We do stock coolers full of ice for your drinks and cups to drink your alcohol.

When are you open?We provide service everyday of the year including holidays. We also take phone calls at all times so you can call us when you have the time to do so.

Does our driver know where their going?They always have a GPS with them. If you gave your stops when booking, they look up the route beforehand so they know the route.